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Convergent Wealth Management, LLC

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Our primary role is to serve as each client’s advocate, helping you negotiate the complexities, and wade through your options in managing your finances. All aspects of our lives are intertwined; so a  financial plan cannot be developed without integrating it with your values, life goals, and desires. Our first meeting is an opportunity to listen to you and understand your needs, which allows us to best serve you.

TRUST: We strive to be an advisor you can trust in times of uncertainty when client loyalty of financial planners has come into question, and clients look to become more educated and in control of their personal finances. We hold to a fiduciary standard, so our clients know we put them first.  We work with you through each step in the process to formulate, implement, and then monitor the success of your individual financial plan. Your plan will be unique, realistic and understandable.

INTEGRITY:  We care for each clients' financial well-being, and are gratified by helping them meet their life goals through excellence in financial management. The quality of our work and our unwavering commitment to ethical standards guides all our decisions and practices. We value confidentiality, our client's opinions, and integrity in all our interactions. 

CONFIDENCE:  We are under full compliance with all applicable regulatory authorities, both in finance and accounting.  We custody our clients assets at a third party custodian, TD Ameritrade Institutional, in order to have complete transparency.  Our high retention rate and generous referrals are a testament to our clients’ confidence in us.

EXPERIENCE: With over 30 years of  financial experience and accounting, utilizing best practices and advantages of the latest technology, we are equipped to meet each clients unique needs.  By holding full licensure, we can offer a complete range of investment products and services.

Our Firm

What is wealth management?

Many times financial planning is confused with wealth management. While coordinating a client’s portfolio of investments is the focus of wealth management, it is only one component. Because all aspects of our lives are intertwined, a viable financial plan should be developed integrating it with tax strategy, risk management, and college and estate planning.. In order to help you meet your financial goals, we discuss and identify those investments and services that best fit your life. Then we partner with you to formulate, implement and monitor the success of your individual financial plan, meeting at least on an annual basis.

Fully independent Advisors:

We are unique in that, unlike captive agents who are sometimes encouraged to offer certain products or services to clients, we are fully independent which aligns our interests only with our clients. We offer the most appropriate and best matched opportunities to fit your unique set of circumstances.  Our relationship with clients goes beyond a transaction, it is a relationship built on trust, communication and accountability.

Our approach is as an educator and advisor. An educator in that we propose recommendations to you in a way that is fully understandable and in concert with your needs and risk comfort level. An advisor in that we work with you in a trusting relationship, building a plan specifically tailored to you in order to meet your goals, and give you comfort in retirement.  We offer a full range of investing products and services by holding every license required to best meet your needs.

Active money management and defensive strategies:

As important as how well your portfolio performs in growing markets, is how safe it is in market downturns. It is far easier to recover and add to your retained investment base if your losses are mitigated and your capital preserved.

A comprehensive defensive retirement program includes investing, estate planning, tax coordination, and a full range of risk management. We offer a comprehensive money management program that is designed to do this. We offer active money management in order to curb losses. We utilize non-correlated assets, stop loss orders, and other methods to make capital preservation our primary focus, while not sacrificing growth. We welcome explaining our integrated approach and its benefits to you in person.